Good in Gundo – The El Segundo Woman’s Club

To promote civic, educational and philanthropic interest in our community – that’s the mission of the El Segundo Woman’s Club and they’ve done a really good job holding to that mission since 1922.

It’s human nature to want to “belong” – some find solace within their own family, others search out for opportunities to impact their community – an example being members of the El Segundo Woman’s Club.

When it comes to good in Gundo, the El Segundo Woman’s Club meets and exceeds our definition. Their deep roots in the community span back to 1922 (read their amazing history here), where wives of Standard Oil employees banded together to make El Segundo a better place to live.

Infamous for their 4th of July confetti eggs, judging the pumpkin carving contest each year at the El Segundo Halloween Frolic, donating the tree used in the Magic on Main St. Celebration, and providing scholarships, the EL Segundo Woman’s Club has raised funds and volunteered hours to support:

  • The El Segundo Education Foundation
  • El Segundo Choir
  • El Segundo Library Summer Reading Program
  • CASE
  • 1736 Family Crisis Center
  • Richstone Family Center
  • Downtown Women’s Center (in support of women experiencing homelessness)
  • National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • Emergency Survival Kits donated to City of ES
  • El Segundo Police Association
  • PEACH Foundation (in support of education for the poorest children in China)
  • Quilts for Wounded Warriors
  • Operation Smile
  • Helen’s Room (in support of women Fighting cancer)
  • Doctors Without Borders
  • El Segundo High School Scholarships
  • Arena Virtual School Scholarship

Their building on Standard St is a staple of our community and was previously the 1st one-room school at the current Richmond Street School location. The story of how the building was 1. purchased and 2. moved to its current location is remarkable (see history).

In order to continue being a vibrant institution in the City, they always welcome new members and are especially hoping to attract the next generation of men and women to carry on their legacy. Owning their own building and being a 501c3 organization gives them a unique position in ES. They are able to rent the building for events such as wedding receptions and baby showers and with these rentals cover basic upkeep to their clubhouse. This gives them the opportunity to devote much of their time and energy to community projects. The building and the organization are part El Segundo’s heritage and it is important to the current members that this history flourishes into the future. Learn more on their Facebook page

In 1932, there were 125 members – today, there are 54. Members of the originating El Segundo Woman’s Club accomplished huge feats – imagine what it could do today with the same numbers! To join, or to learn more about the El Segundo Woman’s Club, call (310) 414-9839.

The benefits of joining the El Segundo Woman’s Club are:

  • Community involvement
  • Opportunity to exchange ideas
  • Develop friendships
  • Legislative action
  • Leadership training
  • Membership in a respected organization
  • Advancement of culture
  • Civic Betterment
  • Personal growth and development

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