About eGundo.com

Built by locals, for locals, eGundo.com is on a mission to explore all the good that Gundo offers. We publish news, events, and local business information for locals, people who work in El Segundo, and people who travel to El Segundo. We offer a mentoring program for our youth and work closely with The Ed! Foundation

Our Mission

To explore all the good that Gundo offers relentlessly and to inspire more good by empowering locals to contribute and share their passions.

Meet the eGundo Team
Truman is the publisher and founder of eGundo.com. Truman leads the vision of eGundo and is the team's biggest fan. Truman enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids and can be found with a camera in hand filming local events.
Heading up our social media efforts, Sam is a proud mom of 3 and can be found taxiing kids around town from school to sporting events.
Our resident motion graphics specialist, Justin can be found roaming the streets of El Segundo exploring or reading books at the library.
Born and raised in El Segundo, Andrew is our video editor and audio junkie. Andrew is a musician at heart and enjoys playing beach volleyball.
Our resident videographer and DP, Sebastian has a monstrous passion for photography and videography.
Jenn is our resident editor and content manager and a brilliant illustrator. Jenn enjoys traveling the world and watching movies.
eGundo FAQ's

Who created eGundo.com?

Together with his team, eGundo.com was created by and is the vision of Truman Hedding, an El Segundo resident and business owner. Truman spent 6 years of his career building informational websites covering 20 of the top 30 U.S. cities. Building the same for El Segundo has been a long-time plan for Truman so he registered the domain name eGundo.com in 2010 and slowly built his main business (online marketing company) to a point so that he could have time to create eGundo.com. 7 years after registering the domain Truman and his team were able to launch eGundo.com.

Why was eGundo.com created?

eGundo.com was created to inspire more good and to support a closer community. Our vision has always been to inspire locals from all walks of life to share their stories, expertise, and passions. While we are proponents of good we also recognize the bad and our hopes are by bringing people together to discuss ideas we can improve El Segundo on many fronts.

Is eGundo.com a for-profit?

Not now but hopefully soon. Our long-term plan is to also use eGundo.com as a platform to help local businesses increase sales by using technology and our online marketing expertise. Eventually, we will offer advertising options for local businesses so that we can grow our team and extend our services. In addition to helping businesses, we also want to help the Ed! Foundation. 10% of our profits go directly to the Ed! Foundation and all profits from eGundo created clothing and goods go directly to the Ed! Foundation.

Where is eGundo.com located?

Our offices are located at 345 Richmond St in El Segundo next to Studio Antiques.