Renowned businessman Jim Rohn once said, “You’re the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.” When you’re exposed to greatness you’re closer to greatness. That, in sum, is the vision behind the Mentors Program.

We’ve partnered with some of the brightest minds in El Segundo to develop a Mentorship program designed to inspire our youth, give them exposure to career fields they’re chasing (before they choose a college), and to give them a competitive edge in their formative years unheard of across the country.

We are using an award-winning Elearning platform, we’ve enlisted the guidance of an Industrial Psychologist who helps Fortune 500 Companies choose their leaders, and we’ll use a majority of the proceeds to help raise money for the El Segundo Education Foundation.

Our youth is the future of El Segundo – in many cases, High School students choose a career path based on very little knowledge of the career path or what’s actually entailed – we’re going to change that! Scroll down to learn more about how you can join the growing list of El Segundo’s brightest who want to help impact the lives of our youth in meaningful ways.

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A real-world mentorship programmed designed to help our youth choose careers!

Elearning + Real-world Experience

In addition to valuable one-on-one time with Mentors, Mentees will have access to valuable career-content through our Elearning platform using a mix of Mentor-related content and general career-path content under the guidance of the Mentors Advisors.  We’ve integrated a strong foundation of important reading materials, quizzes, videos, and audio for every Mentee regardless of the Mentor programs they choose to complete. In short, we’ve done 80% of the work – the only thing missing is your (the Mentor) valuable time and expertise.


Fully-integrated e-learning

The LMS was nominated as a ``The Best of Elearning`` finalist by Elearning Magazine

The Expert Who Chooses Experts

We hired the expert that hires experts. Warren Bobrow, Ph.D. specializes in employee selection, manager assessment, structured interviews, and opinion surveys for such companies as DIRECTV, Intuit, H&R Block, Allianz Global Investors, Southern California Edison and The Cheesecake Factory. From helping these companies choose their leaders to evaluating and optimizing current employees, Dr. Bobrow has been the go-to expert for the past 30 years – he’s going to help our Mentees understand tools like the O*NET Interest Profiler and offer fact-based guidance in a way that’s been proven to help individuals succeed at the most competitive level.


Warren Bobrow, Ph.D.

Dr. Bobrow belongs to the American Psychological Association, International Personnel Assessment Council, and Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

How it Works

You are in the driver’s seat – we do most of the heavy lifting but you decide how much time you can allocate to the Mentor program. We recommend at least 3 hours (per 30-days) of one-on-one time either at your office or in the field (hands-on experience is a plus) or at a location you choose.

In addition to content specific to your Mentorship, all Mentees will gain access to a myriad of reading materials, videos, audio, and quizzes as part of their Mentor Program designed to give them a competitive advantage and a clear reality before they commit to a specific career.

We will work with you, in advance, to create coursework specific to your Mentorship for the Mentee. This entails you visiting the offices where we can record you on camera offering valuable insights into your career. Based on your guidance we will also create reading material, must-watch videos, quizzes, etc, specific to your Mentorship.

We are going to offer 30, 60, and 90-day programs to Mentees – you will choose the length of your mentorship and the Mentee will choose the Mentor Program they are interested in (in many cases they will choose more than one Mentor).

Estimated time required – 14+ hours to build & 3+ hours each Mentorship ongoing (8-16 hours building your mentorship, 3-6 hours filming at our office, and 3+ hours of one-on-one time with your Mentee).

In Collaboration With Ed!

Up to 75% of the cost of the program is donated to Ed! 25% will be provided to the Mentor (or you can donate your portion to Ed!) and 25% will cover our cost in creating and managing the program (by


Give Back!

Mentoring is one of the most rewarding acts of generosity you will ever experience

Apply Today!

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