Ad’s mission is to explore the good in Gundo. One of the best parts of our town is our thriving artistic community and strong support of the arts. El Segundo Art Walk showcases the creativity, vision, and expression of many local artists and musicians. By bringing attention to growing artists and businesses and creating a family friendly event in celebration of their work, ESAW exemplifies the good in Gundo.

About the event

The El Segundo Art Walk is a free community event that showcases the town’s art and creativity. On third Thursdays of June, July and August from 5-9PM, businesses throughout town stay open late to host pop-up galleries with LA based artists. This year, the City of El Segundo is supporting ESAW by allowing us to use the parking lot at 314 Main Street as Headquarter Venue.

Live music, food trucks and a beer garden will be featured alongside a custom, interactive art installation by renowned street artists London Kaye and Dylan Gonzalez. The installation will be entitled “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo,” after a song made popular by hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest. The exhibit will feature a 6′ x 8′ wallet containing interactive contents that represent El Segundo’s past, present, and future.

A brief history of ESAW

The event took root in 2015. El Segundo local, Holly Socrates, noticed all the creative businesses hidden throughout town. She thought the city needed an event to share the wonderful creations, sent out an email to a few creative businesses, and the rest is history. Fourth generation El Segundo resident George Renfro helped out with branding, maps and the website before taking the lead with John McCullough and Tyler Leonard in 2017.

The Good it brings

El Segundo has been an “under-the-radar” cool place for a while, but now the word’s out, this event is the ideal platform to show it off. Other neighborhood’s in LA like Venice, Downtown and the Eastside are known for their art, but it’s time for El Segundo to get in on the action too. This year’s Art Walk will hopefully be the biggest so far, providing a prime opportunity for local artists to show their work to the world.

ESAW also brings people into businesses throughout Main Street and Smoky Hollow. Going by past event years, revenue rises on the nights of ESAW, a wonderful benefit to local businesses. It gives visitors the opportunity to visit businesses they wouldn’t usually visit. This opens up new connections within the community and helps to further our network of neighborhood support. The unique artwork, live music, and friendly atmosphere shows those outside our community what we’re all about. Even better, it brings our own community even closer.

The Art Walk Vision

The goal of El Segundo Art Walk is to continue growing and improving each year. It ultimately seeks to become something El Segundo and the South Bay is known for, an event that people come to LA for. In time, the dream is for El Segundo to be known for its cultural and artistic contributions.

A list of June’s Art Walk contributing artists and venues can be seen below.

artwalk-mapTo learn more about this year’s Artwalk, check out the Artwalk website.