5 Local Date Ideas for Couples

A Redbook survey of readers found that 45 percent of couples "rarely" have date nights and only 18 percent said they get out around once a month.


Go On a Bike Ride

CoupleGoals - Ride a Bike Together!
#CoupleGoals – Ride a Bike Together!

Let’s face it – riding a bike makes you feel like a kid again! Couples may live in the same house, but time together can be limited by household duties, TV, kids, and other distractions. When you ride a bike together, you are sharing quality, focused time. If you don’t have bikes you can 1. ask friends or 2. rent bikes (see options here).

Chances are either you or your partner has weight goals and riding a bike burns calories. If you aren’t physically active then the thought of riding a bike can be tiresome by itself, but, as Nike says “Just do it.” If your partner is physically active and you come up with this idea you are showing your partner that you care about their goals. You can 1. park in Manhattan Beach near the pier and ride to Redondo Beach Pier (3.6 miles, 19 minutes) along the boardwalk or 2. ride through the streets of El Segundo (which are knowingly full of hills) or 3. ride from El Segundo beach to Santa Monica (11.3 miles, 56 minutes)

WE. LIVE. NEAR. THE. BEACH! Jump on a bike and head to the beach with your partner! Get creative – does your partner like a certain restaurant in Hermosa Beach? Manhattan Beach? Take a leisurely stroll to his/her favorite restaurant and enjoy SoCal living like a boss! How many people can say that they’ve seen every street in El Segundo? Do it (and tell us how it was!) Looking for an easier ride? Grab your bikes and head to Rec Park and have a picnic!