7 Answers You Want from the El Segundo Ed! Foundation


If you live in Gundo you’ve seen the signs in yards, the logo at events, and you’ve been asked to donate – but do you know what the Ed! Foundation is? We sat down with Carol Pirsztuk, the Ed! Foundation CEO to learn more about the Ed! Foundation and what it stands for.


Who is Ed!?

Every Student Wins
Every Student Wins with the El Segundo Education Foundation

Founded in 1983 by concerned parents and community leaders of the South Bay, The El Segundo Education Foundation has the sole purpose to narrow the widening gap between state funds we require to maintain excellence in our schools and those our state provides.

This is an issue that affects our entire community because when our school district is fully-funded and our schools perform well, people want to live here.  This in turn elevates our property values as well as brings support to our local businesses.

Ed!’s goal is to unite businesses, corporations and residents throughout our community to provide sustainable and consistent funding directly to the public schools of the El Segundo Unified School District.