3. Cost-free Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2019

The perfect Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive. It comes down to connecting with the important people in your life on a deeper level. To start, here are a few ideas:

For Couples

  • You know that one chore your partner has been asking you to do? Do it. Small favors and contributions give the message that you’re in it together.
  • Beyond chores, rekindle the little things. The little things that we neglect to do can erode an otherwise happy relationship. The goodbye kiss, the warm hug, and the reassuring words that are so natural at the start of a relationship can get left by the wayside as time goes on. Those little things one day become the big things. This week, make time for them!
  • Craft a Valentine’s Day experience that your partner will love. Instead of going to your typical date night spot, consider going out of your comfort zone to make it special. Maybe your partner loves or has been bugging you to go to a Dodger’s game even though it’s not really your thing. This time, go! Sharing an experience with your partner even though it’s not your first choice will say, “I love you, and when you’re happy…so am I!”.
  • Trade experiences instead of gifts. Everyone loves roses, but instead of shelling out cash on more stuff, plan activities to share together. Even better, take turns whisking each other off to surprise experiences! Dates can be as simple as a walk through downtown El Segundo and trying a new restaurant or as exciting as a weekend away.

For Families

  • Decorate doors with affirmations. Kids know you love them, but how often do you tell them why? As a family, write down your favorite things about each other on post-its and decorate every bedroom door. For fun, arrange the notes in the shape of a heart. The more love the better!
  • Don’t forget Grandma! Help kids make valentines for every important person in their lives- especially those who might feel alone or forgotten. For an extra empathy boost, this could even include elderly neighbors or people who often go unappreciated, like mail carriers and trash truck drivers.
  • Share words of appreciation at the dinner table. Before breaking bread, share one thing you appreciate about each member of the family.
  • One-on-one time. In families with more than one child, it can be tough for each one to get special time on their own with mom and dad. Make a point of taking each child out for a special “date” to show that quality time with them is important to you.

For Lone-Wolves

  • In celebration of “singles-awareness day”, celebrate your independence by spending a day doing what you love. You don’t have to worry about making someone else happy, so think up your favorite activities and treat yourself!
  • Write a letter of appreciation…to you! Often, we are our own harshest critics. Take time this Valentine’s Day to reflect on all your positive qualities and accomplishments. Take stock of where you are and what you really want. Instead of comparing your life or relationship status to your peers, shift the focus to personal growth and self-worth.
  • Have a girls’ or guys’ night! If you are feeling a little lonely, that’s okay too. Share it with other single friends, or plan a special get together with a good friend you haven’t seen in ages.

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