Alice Lee, Ed.D. and several teachers share the advancements in the literacy program at Richmond Street Elementary School (RSS) in El Segundo resulting in overwhelming success.

According to Lee, Richmond Street School values reading by weaving it into everything they do – it’s truly the thread that runs through all the programs at RSS.

RSS Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Celia Plotkin shared that the culture of literacy at Richmond Street School has taken a big shift with more readers and writers workshops in the classrooms. Students have more books in their hands at their level (at their interests) working with each student on strategies they can use when they read which has resulted in an explosion in knowledge and excitement when they are reading.

According to RSS Kindergarten Teacher Ms. Lisa Hong, “The teachers have a great privilege of getting to know their students as readers giving students the ability to choose books that can serve as mirrors and windows.” Books serving as mirrors give students a chance to see themselves in books & stories, whereas, books serving as windows help students to see not only their own lives or own stories but the lives and stories of others around them (whether it’s in different cultures or even far away in other places they might not be exposed to).

RSS 1st-grade Teacher Ms. Michelle Varghese added, “Because the teachers themselves are excited about their own journeys and lives as readers, the teachers can influence their students to be excited about their own lives and journeys.”

RSS Reading Specialist Mrs. Lisa Haun takes pride in the annual family literacy night at Richmond Street School which has evolved over the years and is now combined with the book fair night. The event includes stations with hands-on learning activities that inspire fun while showing parents how they can support their children at home.

Former student Natalie Hedding was inspired to share her journey through Richmond Street School and the impact the literacy program has had on her own life. Natalie won “Most Improved Reader” in her 1st-grade year at RSS and attributes her love for reading today to the efforts of the teachers at RSS and the one-on-one & group learning offered by Mrs. Haun and Mrs. Fujii.

We’re fortunate to have such a passionate group of staff & teachers at all El Segundo schools. The advancement in literacy at Richmond Street School will help our kids develop essential reading skills that will help them in their journey to becoming adults and succeeding in their careers.

A VERY BIG hank you to all educators in El Segundo for their hard work and dedication in helping our kids grow!