ESHS Marching Band Competition Recap 2017

ESHS Student Submission: Freshman Drumline member James Matulich shares a recap of the 2017 El Segundo High School Marching Band competition season.


Comp. #1 Results

Summary – The West Torrance HS competition took place on 9/30/17. Everyone is nervous as the bus stops in the High school’s parking lot. We jump out and put the super suits (the marching band suits) on. Freshman, especially, is going through everything they learned so far in an effort to do well in their performance. They had learned so much after being introduced to what feels like a whole new lifestyle of its own. This performance, we only did the opener. We didn’t have time to do anymore and we didn’t even have the music yet. We scored actually pretty well this show, ending up in 2nd. After performing, the band walked off the field full of all sorts of emotions and thoughts running through their heads. Some are angry after the mistakes they made, some are a little shaky, but it’s over now and it’s time to go to the award ceremony. The bands are talking, laughing, and relaxing for the show is over. The divisions with larger groups are still performing, giving everyone a chance to see the other school’s work.

DateLocationDivisionESHS Result
9/30/17West Torrance High School

20401 Victor St, Torrance, CA 90503

2AAuxiliary: 2nd – 54

Percussion: 1st – 69

Band: 2nd – 57.3