Interest Rates & Inventory – What They Should Mean to You

The 2019 Real Estate Market is about to surprise everyone. Economics is simple, supply and demand drives the market and the one factor that grabs the headlines more than anything else is interests rates.


El Segundo is a bubble within the larger South Bay Real Estate bubble.  I keep a keen eye on the active buyers vs the active and upcoming listings.  When we continue to have more buyers than available units to sell, our market holds strong. From time to time we see overpriced listings that try drag our market to a halt but with our almost anemic inventory our market perseveres.

Recently the national economy has aided in turning the sales dial.  Interest rates hit the headlines and dropped to a 1 year low.   Buyers affordability jumped and I cannot speak for every other agent in town but my phone has been ringing off the hook.  Buyers are ready to go.   The spring sales season is gearing up to be busier than 2018.

With spring inventory preparing to hit in early February and buyers getting ready to pounce the only question left to ask is, “are you ready?”

Keeping an eye on our listing inventory and listening to the news will give you a great idea as to how our local market will react.

If you’re interested in understanding more about what the 2019 market forecast looks like do not hesitate to reach out.

We are always here to share our experiences with you – give us a call at (310) 529-5286 and let us show you how to see real estate differently.

Local expert advice provided by Scot Nicol of Nicol Real Estate

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