Congrats, Class of 2019 – you did it! Life has barely begun (as you will soon learn) and you are on your way to building your adult life.

As I took a stroll down memory lane the day of your graduation I thought to myself – what if I could gather the advice of several successful individuals in town to share with you as you begin the next chapter of your life? Thankfully, several of those who I admire and trust responded to my last-minute request & shared their advice which I’ve included here in addition to my own.

You’re likely in summer mode and unlikely in the mood for advice but I ask this of you – read this. If not today, read it tomorrow – then read it again, and again, and again. Why? Because it can, and will, help you.

My Guarantee to You

No matter your talent, whether you are going to a prestige four-year school, a community college, or taking time off – if you read and embrace some of the advice here you will be more successful, both in health and in wealth.

How do I know? Because I’ve failed. Because I’ve succeeded. Because many of the people who have provided their advice here have done the same. They are good people. They are leaders. They are achievers. You can be, too!

I’ll start with the following advice for this article:

  • Be “Open.” You may feel like you know exactly where you are going and don’t need the help. You might be right but, as you will learn, life throws you curveballs. Being open-minded will help you get a true lay-of-the-land in tough situations. I honestly believe happiness is always in front of us – we just need to pay attention to our surroundings.
  • Be Curious. Don’t just read the advice – ask “why?” Reflect back on your life and consider how any of this advice could have impacted your life already.
  • Talk About It. Discuss this advice with your peers and family. One thing I’ve learned in business is group discussion sparks innovation – it leads to a better product/service/solution.

Use the “Back” and “Next” buttons at the bottom of each page to navigate the advice given by El Segundo locals in this article. We’ll be adding advice as it is sent in so check back regularly.

A very BIG thank you to those who took time out of their day to offer advice – it was a last-minute request and you came through HUGE:

  1. Intro (YOU ARE HERE)
  2. Josh Alpert
  3. Chris Pimentel
  4. Jason Haffley
  5. Joe Cameron
  6. Ryan Danowitz
  7. Robin Espinoza
  8. Rebecca Kahane
  9. Al Luna
  10. Stephanie Fujii
  11. Alex Abad
  12. Stephanie Burns
  13. Dr. Alice Lee
  14. Neil Cadman
  15. Scot Nicol
  16. Truman Hedding (Me)
  17. Tracey Miller-Zarneke (NEW ADDITION)
  18. Brenda Newman (NEW ADDITION)

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