At each summer Olympics, gymnastics generates awe. The sheer strength, explosive power, and finesse of the remarkable Olympic gymnasts is mind-blowing. As adults, any illusion that we can reach Olympic stardom is long gone…can we become athletes at all? Absolutely. Being strong, healthy, and self-aware is not reserved for the professionals. Danielle Gray, a personal trainer, fitness model, and gymnast has designed a training program just for women. The program is based on gymnastics training and seeks to revolutionize how we view our own health.

The backstory


Danielle Gray was born and raised in Manhattan Beach. She began gymnastics training at the early age of 4, continuing on to join the junior Olympic team. Upon graduating from USC and began working in online marketing, only to realize she had a bigger mission in life. She loved teaching gymnastics, fitness, and helping others to become their best. More than anything, she wanted to make a lasting difference. She became a certified personal trainer at Equinox Marina del Rey, but she was inspired to do more. That’s when she designed an all-new exercise program. Her first goal? To help at least 1000 women to become healthy and happy.

What sets “Train Like a Gymnast” apart

Gray’s “Train Like a Gymnast” program is an online program combining an intense fitness regimen with nutritional guidelines, personalized coaching, and a dedicated support community. The program focuses on gymnastics-based training, including HIIT workouts, strength development, and flexibility training. Most online programs offer a training program and eating plan and leave you on your own. That’s where “Train Like a Gymnast” is different. Gray believes that they typical fitness program is designed for a quick-fix. Because fad diets and results-based training focuses on appearance vs. long-term health, it rarely lasts. It’s all too easy to fall back into old, not-so-healthy habits.

To combat this, “Train Like a Gymnast” does not include a meal plan. Gray is certified in nutrition and aims to teach sustainable, healthy eating habits that last long after the first few pounds are shed. Her 28- day challenge is based on personalized training and real lifestyle changes, with a strong support system of like-minded women. What can you expect after 28 days? A more positive mindset, nutritional awareness, tips and tricks for traveling and events, a new sense of self-love, appreciation, and confidence, and a new perspective on what fitness can be.

The person behind the program

danielle-gray-leap-splitsDanielle Gray’s passion is palpable. She has the expertise and experience to help clients meet their goals, and the drive to help them maintain their success. I asked her what she considers to be the most rewarding part of her job. Her answer? Seeing clients reach their goals and really recognize a change in themselves. In the words of one of her clients, “I feel stronger and happier now at 44 than I think I ever have. For the first time in my life I really feel like being fit is a real part of who I am as a person. Your life will be better if you train with Danielle.”

Why it’s worth the time and sweat

Train Like a Gymnast is about more than dropping pounds for summer. It’s about creating positive change to live a healthier lifestyle. While the program focuses on gymnastics-based conditioning, Gray stresses that it’s important to think of yourself as a life-long athlete. Rather than considering exercise to be a necessary chore, find activities you enjoy. The more you love it, the easier it is to maintain motivation.

Even so, the commitment to an ongoing life change is daunting. Danielle shared this sage advice for those who aren’t sure they’re ready to take the leap:

danielle-gray-profile“Your body and mind are the only things you’ll have for the rest of your life. Let that sink in. Think twice about how you’re fueling it and treating yourself. Think of your body like a car. Running your car on E doesn’t go well. Neither does leaving it in the garage for 20 years. If you want your body to run as smoothly as a new Maserati, don’t treat it like a run-down ’99 Chevy.”

Admittedly, many women juggle so many responsibilities that self-care often comes last. Unfortunately, if we don’t take care of ourselves, it’s inevitable that our bodies will force us to slow down. Feeling exhausted, frequent illness, and constant brain fog are signs that we need to reevaluate our priorities. If we want to be able to keep kicking butt, we have to kick our own first!

If you’re ready to make a commitment to your health and get stronger, more flexible, and connect with a wonderful support system, take a look at Gray’s website and consider joining her 28-day challenge. Registration available here: