When’s the last time that you and your partner made time for a date night? If it’s been more than a few weeks, you’re in trouble! Studies have shown that spending regular quality time together is essential for long-term relationship success. Sadly, over half of couples report having a date night less than once a month. The number one reason for cancelling date nights isn’t shocking: tiredness. While it’s tricky to get over a case of Friday fatigue, making regular date nights a priority is worth the effort. These six South Bay date ideas range from restful and romantic to adventurous.

1. A day on the water

Nature is always a relaxing retreat from a busy schedule. Why not hop into a kayak or scramble onto a stand-up paddle board? Rocky Point Fun in Redondo Beach offers rentals from $17.50/hour with a 2 hour minimum. For an added bonding experience, share a double kayak and practice paddling in sync.

At Rocky Point, you’re also guaranteed an up close and personal nature experience. Families of sea lions and seals frequent the harbor, and it’s not uncommon to spot dolphins or whales nearby. Paddling is quite the workout. When you’re done with your adventure, stop by Ruby’s Diner or Joe’s Crab Shack for a bite to eat. The Cheesecake Factory is a more upscale option.

2. Cool off at Toyota Center Skating Rink

The Toyota Center is a family favorite to cool off on the ice, but it doesn’t have to be just for kids! Skating is good exercise and a welcome break from the August heat. If you’re just learning, it 3. also gives you a great excuse to hold hands!

A skating pass is $11.50 per adult, plus $5.50 for skate rentals. Many public skate times are available including late skate events on Friday and Saturday evening. Inside, they have a small restaurant and bar. If you enjoy the experience, you can sign up for a group class! Check the current schedule before you go.

3. Pull out the picnic basket and share a sunset

Sometimes, the simplest of options are the most satisfying. If you’re looking for a slow-paced, meditative date night, a simple picnic at Dockweiler Beach with a sunset view is the way to go.

Whole Foods in Plaza El Segundo is a perfect place to pick up some classic-picnic fare. GROW in Manhattan is another good choice…and they deliver!  The days are getting shorter, so you can expect to see a gorgeous sunset view around 7:30. Classic, romantic, and inexpensive. Perfect!

4. Explore new flavors at El Segundo Brewing Company

For the beer aficionados out there, El Segundo Brewing Company is the go to taproom in town. With over 20 beers on tap, you’re sure to taste something you’ll love. One brew is even named after an El Segundo neighborhood- “Smokey Hollow”.

Pair your beer tasting experience with dinner at one of El Segundo’s numerous restaurants. Right around the corner, Sausal (Cal-Mex) was voted the best overall restaurant by El Segundo Rotary Club. Aristo Cafe (Mediterranean) and Workshop enoteca (Modern Italian) are nearby as well.

5. Paint n’ Pour!

If wine is more your style, visit Paint n’ Pour in Redondo. There, you can sip wine and learn to paint together! The paintings you create also make unique mementos to give each other.

The details:

  • $40 per seat ($45 at the door so sign up ahead of time to save) which includes all your art supplies and one glass of wine, beer, soda or water
  • Planning a double date? Gather a few couples for a group discount. Groups of 8 or more only.
  • Extra wine and beer available $4 a serving, $18 a bottle or BYOB for a $5 corkage fee

You and your partner will leave with with a 16×20 painting and the memory of an entertaining evening together.

6. Enjoy an outdoor movie or a vintage film

Outdoor movies are a summer time classic. What could be more romantic than a rooftop movie? If you’re willing to drive downtown, checkout the Rooftop Cinema Club. The Hollywood Bowl also puts on some pretty spectacular movies, including Star Wars and the Pink Panther.

Alternatively, we have our very own hometown treasure right on Richmond Street. Old Town Music Hall is virtually an antique. The classic El Segundo landmark is featuring countless vintage films and live concerts. The quaint, timeless theater makes for a perfect romantic rendezvous. Whether you take your honey to an old silent film or to see a famous jazz performance, the night is sure to be a hit.

With all these terrific local options, there’s sure to be something for everyone. The weekend is around the corner, so what are you waiting for? Get your date on!