21 years ago, Tracey Miller-Zarneke and her fiance (now husband) Mike were drawn to El Segundo. Called by easy beach access and a great community, they have been in El Segundo ever since. Today, they’re raising two boys (Josh, 14, and Ryan, 11) and two well-walked and well-loved rescue dogs.

Tracey loves being around art and creative energy which led to a career in the animation industry. She started out working for Disney back in 1997 and has firsthand experience working in production. Today, she’s proud to work with a variety of animation studios that allow her to continue sharing her gifts (she’s also been a voice in an animated film) without the restrictions of a full-time production management position.

As a published author and editor, Tracey has been able to work from the comfort of home so that she can be present with her husband in raising their two boys.

Tracey’s Contribution to the Community

The flexibility of her work allowed Tracey to be highly involved in her children’s education and the El Segundo community. She has volunteered at their schools, within her professional industry, and in a number of organizations across El Segundo such as the Environmental Committee (which she currently chairs). Through her many hours volunteering, she has developed a deep sense of connection to her kids and the community at large.

She also became passionate about living green after meeting Chris Lubs, a fellow El Segundo resident and parent.

Chris Lubs is one of two parents who started up the Grades of Green program at Center Street School.

The education provided helps kids and teens to understand and appreciate conservation of energy and water and the importance of reducing waste and pollution. Grades of Green became a non-profit and earned an award from the EPA.

Q&A with Tracey Miller-Zarneke

What’s this about running for School Board?
I’ve learned so much in my last nine years as an active parent in our schools: I have developed a deep understanding of how our school system works, and I have built solid relationships among parents, teachers, staff, district personnel, community partners and civic leaders. I wish to channel that knowledge and the network of collaboration I have achieved to do even more good for the future of El Segundo, and a seat on the Board of Education seems like a perfect place to do that.

What do you love most about El Segundo?
I love the sense of connection with my neighbors and the deep friendships I have made with amazing folks that I have met here, just by being geographically compatible! I feel so lucky to have ended up in a community of many caring and kind individuals.

Share the good
In my various volunteer capacities, I have met so many generous and fascinating folks that I am pleased to work alongside and to now call my friends. I especially love Grades of Green on the school campuses because it teaches the next generation about being mindful global citizens, taking care of our planet as just a way of life. In fact, it’s this passionate group of parent volunteers that inspired such a deep eco-consciousness in me that I felt inspired to join the City of El Segundo Environmental Committee, which I currently chair…hoping to create more “green good in Gundo!”

Thank you, Tracey, for being good in Gundo!