’s mission is to explore the Good in Gundo – El Segundo is rich with individuals pursuing change and improvement. Today, we share the story of Jason Haffley, Co-founder of OneNinth Media, a creative agency & video production company here in El Segundo.

Born and raised in El Segundo, Jason graduated from El Segundo High School in 1996. After living in seven states around the Country and pursuing various causes & opportunities, Jason’s hometown roots kicked in and brought him back to El Segundo where he lives with his wife, Sara, and his dog Ryder.

Put Jason behind a camera and sit back, relax, and enjoy the content!

In 2013, along with a few partners that also grew up locally, Jason and his crew started OneNinth – a creative agency and video production company in Smoky Hollow.

OneNinth – Creating Powerful Concepts & Compelling Content

According to Jason, OneNinth “lives at the intersection of innovative ideas and exquisite imagery.” They love working with good people to do great things and are the happiest when utilizing their skills in support of what they call “projects of substance” (companies, non-profits, brands, candidates, campaigns, etc that positively affect people and/or the planet).

Jason’s Involvement in the Community

You will find Jason at El Segundo City Council meetings – he cares greatly about El Segundo and is a “doer” – constantly inserting himself without praise or recognition because that’s who he is. He & the OneNinth crew consistently donate their time and resources to City events to help bring praise to the place we call home.

And Now You Know…

For five years of his early career, Jason lived in western Montana where he managed a 200-acre horse boarding and training facility where his focus was competing in 25, 50, and 100-mile horse races all over the Pacific Northwest & Rocky regions of the U.S.. During his time there, he also traveled to Russia to arrange the purchase and importation of Akhal-Tekes, one of the oldest and rarest breeds of horses.

Jason Haffley – You Are Good in Gundo

You do what is right – all the time. You give back, respect where you grew up, and do everything with passion and conviction. For this, and much more, you get our nomination as “Good in Gundo.” PS – Happy Birthday!

About OneNinth Media

OneNinth is an innovative creative marketing agency and content production company. Approximately 1/9th of an iceberg is visible above the water. Similarly, the videos we create are just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more below the surface that needs to be considered when creating highly effective content. OneNinth takes a holistic approach to creative consulting and content production services. The team also includes:

Lenny Valone
Lenny Valone – Instrumental in several national advertising campaigns in technology and tourism, Lenny is deeply creative, collaborative and passionate in communicating big ideas to the masses.
Brian Campeau
Brian Campeau – His background in the military is just part of his story. Photography is his love, and helping people is his passion. Brian, in addition to being an entrepreneur and investor, is an accomplished cinematographer and photographer.

Q&A With Jason Haffley

What do you love most about El Segundo?
As I’ve mentioned, I’ve lived in many wonderful places… but, I can say with confidence that El Segundo is hard to beat. This small town is a great place to call home, and at the same time provides easy access to all that Los Angeles has to offer. Rarely do you find such a balance between quiet-living and commerce, between tradition and evolution? It’s great to know your neighbors. I love supporting the family-owned businesses in town. Services provided by the City are top-notch. There is a sense of heritage as well as the belief in the limitless possibilities of the future. El Segundo is a truly a precious place to be preserved.
Share the good
There are so many examples of “good” in El Segundo, so many people that care about both people and the planet. We take care of our seniors, invest in our youth, and protect our environment. When the resources provided by the Feds, the State, or our County fall short, our residents step up to donate time, energy, ideas, and finances. Rather than point at one example of good in our town, I’d prefer to say that Gundo IS good!