Intro’s mission is to explore the Good in Gundo – El Segundo is rich with individuals pursuing change and improvement. Today, we share the story of Amie Schneider – The El Segundo based real-estate agent, entrepreneur, and mom of 4 has created an all-new, unique co-parenting app called Social Graces.

Social Graces was inspired by her own familiar parenting challenges. It’s designed to help parents organize busy schedules, enforce household rules, maintain chore charts, and more. The reach of her work extends far beyond city lines. Parents everywhere can use Amie’s app to bring more peace and unity to their households. Amie’s dedication to helping fellow families to lead happier, healthier lives is an outstanding example of the good in Gundo.

About Amie

Amie Schneider has been a devoted El Segundo resident for over 30 years. By the age of 30, Amie was also blessed with four beautiful daughters. Amie has two beautiful girls through her first marriage and two through her current marriage.

There are unique struggles that come along with blended family life. Juggling multiple sets of grandparents, compromising with parenting styles, and setting clear expectations for the kids was tough! As if raising four young girls wasn’t challenging enough, Amie also had to balance her home life with her thriving local real-estate career. Fortunately, Amie was up to the challenge.

The inspiration behind the app

Amie with her husband, Tim, and four girls (from left to right) Lundin, Tatum, Maddie, Emma

Instead of succumbing to frustration and drowning in co-parenting conflict, Amie learned how to co-parent with grace. She discovered how excellent communication skills can bring a sense of stability and calm to even the most chaotic of homes.

She then put in months of hard work researching the best parenting apps, noticing where they fell short, and finally building an app of her very own. She wanted to build the app she needed but never had- a comprehensive parenting app to simplify everything from co-parenting to chores. Fittingly, she named the app “Social Graces“.

How Social Graces helps families

Good habits come naturally when expectations are consistent and clear, and that’s exactly what Social Graces focuses on. Social Graces allows parents and guardians to clearly communicate household expectations to both children and each other. The app allows up to five guardians, making it easier to stay on the same page and set consistent guidelines.

After creating profiles for each child, it’s easy to use Social Graces to create social contracts, build a reward system, and keep track of family goals with a daily log. By having one app to enforce chores, work on manners, and share progress, families of all shapes and sizes can remain united and working together.

So far, the app has a 4.7/5-star iTunes app store rating, with one user saying, “A big HOORAY for an app that positively encourages split families to work together! There are so many divorced families and this app fills a huge void in the co-parenting world…The suggested behaviors and manners are excellent in raising our little ones to become responsible & respectful people. All of this is accomplished in a user-friendly app where no actual communication between the homes is needed. Win-win all the way around.” 

While the app is relatively new, so far it has been well-received and is on it’s way to helping many families lead more peaceful and connected lives.

A Great Example of the “Good in Gundo”

Amie Schneider with her father, Alex Abad

Amie’s app is a top-notch resource for all parents, especially those who are learning to manage blended families. Being a full-time mom, a bustling real estate agent, and launching a new business is no easy task – this makes her dedication to her career, her family, and her off-the-clock work helping to unify other families all the more impressive.

She has enjoyed watching El Segundo slowly blossom, and she hopes to continue to contribute to its growth. As a busy mom of four, full-time real-estate agent, and family-friendly app designer, Amie quite literally helps build happier El Segundo homes – both inside and out!