eGundo.com’s mission is to explore the good in Gundo. A big part of the good in Gundo is the collective effort to support the health and wellness of residents. To achieve this mission, the widespread accessibility of fresh, nourishing food is essential.

El Segundo’s Certified Farmer’s Market exemplifies our mission to support a strong, thriving El Segundo community. The market runs year round each Thursday from 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm on the 400 block of Main Street. The family-friendly market has become a hub of fresh food and fun, providing a whole host of benefits to our community.

4Farm-fresh produce

The most obvious benefit of any good farmer’s market is the fresh, locally grown produce. Most fresh fruit and veggies are locally sourced, picked at the peak of freshness.

In recent years, we’ve become aware of the numerous health hazards of pesticides on produce. At the farmer’s market, organic produce is available year round.

If you’re looking for the best possible place to purchase fresh produce, the El Segundo Farmer’s Market is hard to beat. In addition to produce, packaged gourmet food is available each week.

3Convenient food vendors and live entertainment

All that shopping can wear you out! The farmer’s market hosts several hot food vendors each week. This creates a fantastic opportunity to turn a grocery run into a family outing.

Sample fruit, shop together, and end with a treat of homemade crepes! Live music is also a part of every Farmer’s Market, contributing to the upbeat, family-friendly atmosphere.

2Crafts and activities

Several farmer’s market vendors offer handcrafted gifts and jewelry. Every third Thursday from September-May, the market offers fun activities for the kids.

Better yet, each summer there are 10 themed family events including arts and crafts, games, and more. Click on the flyer to the right to see what fun August Farmer’s Markets have in store!  Every week, the market also has free balloons for the children and a free raffle at 6 pm.

1Support of small businesses

Small businesses are the center of a thriving city. When you buy locally, you’re supporting small farms as well local bakers and artisans. What better way to support your community than by purchasing fresh, locally grown food?

Community connection

In El Segundo, community connections are important. In addition to supporting local businesses, the market helps our community by bringing people together. The Farmer’s Market provides a perfect location for weekly meetups. Friends, neighbors, and members of the community citywide can share in the wholesome environment and fun activities of the weekly Farmer’s Market.

The El Segundo Farmer’s Market provides a massive contribution to our community’s health and connection, making it a prime example of the Good in Gundo. It’s all thanks to our Recreation and Parks Department, too! If you’d like to avoid the traffic, ditch your car and try out the Farmer’s Market Shuttle! Rides can be scheduled at (310) 524-2704.