Band Camp – The ESHS High School marching band trained for 12 hours a day this week at Band Camp in preparation for the new school year.

Last night’s performance for family & friends marked the completion of their 7th practice – one of ten grueling days from 9 am to 9 pm each day.

We notice them at games and celebrations but what we don’t know is the tireless hours of practice these students put in before and throughout the year.

Throughout the 10 days of Band Camp, the ESHS Band works in sections, or units, and as a group to perfect their performances. They leverage the ESHS Football coach for physical training and transition into “sections” where the musicians train in groups to perfect their individual performances. They then transition to working on “visuals” which represent their movements throughout routines and finish off each day performing as a unit with the Color Guard

Last year, the ESHS Marching Band competed in six tournaments under the direction of Robert Soto – we wish them the best of luck in their 2018-2019 season.