Yesterday, Thanksgiving brought food, fun, and family to El Segundo. Today, we can start prepping for the rest of the holiday season! While our town is set for a slow-paced weekend, there are plenty of options for wintery adventures if you’re willing to hop in the car. Burn off the pumpkin pie with a 5K, support local businesses on Small Business Saturday, or start celebrating early at the renowned Hollywood Christmas Parade!


4. Support Small Businesses

is officially celebrating Small Business Saturday, but you can support small businesses by shopping at local retailers all across the South Bay…and especially right here in El Segundo! Last year, nearly $13 billion was spent on Small Business Saturday, making the new tradition an important one for local restaurants and shops nationwide. American Express, the original creators of the event, provides a convenient search feature to find small business near you.

Although the holiday began as a novelty, it has since brought recognition and revenue to thousands of small businesses. Small business owners aren’t strangers; they’re our friends, neighbors, and members of our community who work hard to bring character and passion to the El Segundo area. Have holiday shopping to do? Consider skipping Amazon and taking your business to one of El Segundo’s many small businesses!