Kids Playing SoccerThe freedom of childhood summers is beautiful. However, too many long, lazy days and you might find your teenager stagnating on the couch with a gaming controller in hand for hours on end. While gaming is a sight better than getting into trouble, exercise should be a priority too. This is especially true of young athletes. Whether your child loves soccer, track and field, or basketball, it’s important to keep them moving even during the off-season. To conquer the gaming console, year-round conditioning and a daily summer camp is available through UCLA’s Sports Performance Program. The best part? The camp is conveniently located right in El Segundo on Mariposa.

About the program

UCLA’s performance program is not for the faint of heart. UCLA’s approach is geared towards improving strength, endurance, and flexibility for young athletes. They use the same approach in their youth programs as they do with professional athletes. This helps to prepare kids for a fun and fit summer. (And a successful return to competitive after-school sports!) The program also includes important life lessons to teach healthy nutrition recuperation strategies. Even better, they teach how to increase performance based on a positive mindset. Small student-coach ratios ensure all athletes are training safely and with correct form.

For training on your schedule

Performance specialists are available Monday-Friday to help your kids build both strength, agility, speed, and provide targeted nutritional guidance. For youth athletes (6th-8th graders), training is available on weekdays from 4-5 pm. High schoolers have a little more flexibility with training times offered at 10:00 – 11:30 am and 5:00 – 6:30 pm.

Summer camps

Summer camps are available for kids entering 6th-8th grade and focus on speed, power, and nutrition. They each begin at 9:00 am and pricing ranges from $199-$249. Programs include the following options:

  • June 25-29th: Football Speed Camp
  • July 23-27: Elite Speed Camp
  • August 6-10: Soccer Speed Camp

Camps and training are held at UCLA Health Training Center (2275 E Mariposa Ave) and Campus El Segundo Athletic Fields (2201 E Mariposa Ave).

To schedule a free introductory session, register for camp, or find out additional information, call 310-426-1406 or email